Michele Holt
Old Saybrook, CT

Machines are buzzing and I am as busy as a bee making your quilts beautiful!

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About Me

I have been quilting since Christmas of 1997, when my mother-in-law gave me a basic sewing machine. It started as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion.  I have worked as a contractor for Virginia Long Arm making t-shirt quilts and custom quilts since 2007. From 2011-May 2015, I worked at Coastal Sewing Machines in Old Saybrook as a sales clerk and quilt teacher.  In this position, I used the Pfaff Power Quilter and the Baby Lock Crown Jewel II to quilt for customers.  Now, I am venturing out on my own.  I have purchased the Baby Lock Crown Jewel II and am ready to use it to make your quilts beautiful at My Quilting Beehive!  I am offering long arm services, binding services, custom quilts, t-shirt quilts, memory quilts, custom embroidered quilt labels, and have quilts for sale!  My quilt studio is in my home.  Please call or email to make an appointment to bring your quilt tops. We can make arrangements to meet somewhere if you are not near Old Saybrook. Quilts may also be mailed if you are not in the area.


Here are a few of my favorite quilts

http://www.countrypiecemakers.org/images2013/DSC_0132.JPG http://www.countrypiecemakers.org/Images2015/2015-02-21%2020.37.52.jpg http://www.countrypiecemakers.org/images2013/DSC_0032.JPG http://www.countrypiecemakers.org/Images2015/2015-02-27%2007.55.50.jpg http://www.countrypiecemakers.org/images2014/DSC_0110.JPG

Prior to starting My Quilting Beehive I had a website with a photo gallery of all of the quilts I have worked on since 1998.  To get inspired by more quilts visit